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Apastata UAB

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Adresas: Laisves str. 85 G, LT-72310 Taurage, Lithuania, Tauragės raj. - Žemėlapis
Tel: +370 446 69256
Mob. Tel: +370 616 15080
El. paštas: mailto
Fax: +370 446 69256

Apastata is safely and quickly growing construction company from Taurage, southwestern region of Lithuania. Founded in 1992, it has 20 years of work in g experience which is the main asset of the company. Apastata is a DNV ISO certified organization, a member of Lithuanian Business Association and it has already earned its reputation as an experienced, responsible and reliable business company but it is always striving to improve and become a well-known construction company abroad. Apastata can offer a wide package of different construction services from general contractions to finishing works. Building specialists of the Company have great experience in new construction, reconstruction, renovation, internal and external finishing works so they can ensure the highest quality of timely provided services.

Apastata also specializes in manufactures of metal structures. It produces different metal structures that are used in manufacture and construction industries. It also offers traditional tent shape storage halls made from easy to assemble steel frame covered with PVC, metal or sandwich panels equipped with lighting, ventilation systems, fire escape and an automatic entrance door. Apastata has already built such storages not only in Lithuania but also in Norway and the Company is looking forward to working with clients abroad.

Apastata is always looking for new and better ways of acting in construction business. It is constantly searching for new products and services it could offer, new building materials and technologies it could use, new markets it could get into. Hence, wide experience and consistent striving for improvement and progress is the pledge of success of Apastata.


  • General construction works
  • Reconstruction
  • Renovation
  • Internal and external finishing works
  • Outdoor works/landscaping

Building specialists of APASTATA can ensure the highest quality of construction works and other services finished in time.

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We offer traditional tent shape storage halls made from easy to assemble steel frame and covered with PVC and sandwich panel. Wind and snow loads are compatible with requirements of the specific location.

The hall can be equipped with entrance, fire escape or automatic door, lighting and ventiliation system.

We also produce different metal structures that are used in manufacture and construction industries. Our stainless steel production (such as metal rings) because of its qualities can be also used in fishing industry.

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